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Synergies and expertise

Sales and Project Management at Kalmbach Gusstechnologie GmbH in Velbert steers distribution activities, marketing, purchasing and sales. The range of innovative solutions can draw on complex vertical integration and all the required processes and methods. That range covers everything from aluminum to zinc. We handle everything: from the initial idea, nurturing it through the development phase, and finally manufacturing end products that are complete, finished and fully assembled. Flexible and economical, creative and quality-conscious.

Component planning and manufacturing require both expertise and flexibility. Owing to our years of experience in elaborate projects, we have also accumulated extensive procurement and manufacturing know-how, enough to meet almost every need.

We use existing synergies and cooperate with a variety of subcontractors to make sure you have the perfect answer, drawing from a wide variety of materials and from suitable casting and finishing processes.

Kalmbach casting technologies – Everything from a single mold!