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Kalmbach | In brief


Kalmbach GmbH
Eintrachtstrasse 96
42551 Velbert

Business sector:

Precision die casting in aluminum and zinc

Contact us:

Phone: +49-2051 / 28 68 -0
Fax: 02051 / 28 68 -15
e-mail: info@kalmbach.de
Internet: www.kalmbach.de


Thomas Kalmbach



Production floor space:

7.900 m²

Organization and administrative offices:

1.200 m²



CNC machining centers
Cavity-sinking and wire electrode eroding machines
Automatic drilling machines
Milling machines
Grinding machines

Zinc die casting:

Nineteen CNC, hot-chamber, die casting systems,
Clamping force of from 240 kN to 2,200 kN,
Cast parts from 1 g to 3,500 g in weight

Aluminum die casting:

Ten CNC, liquid-charge, cold-chamber die casting systems
Clamping force of from 2,900 kN to 8,000 kN
Cast parts from 10 g to 8,500 g in weight
Aluminum alloys 226 to 231 and 349